ARTERO – Care and hygiene for your dog

Artero is the brand of dog care tools par excellence. At Mascoboutique, it is the supplier we use in our grooming services, for which we use their slicker brushes, combs and mitts, to achieve extraordinary results. Added to this, we also have other products for the health and hygiene of your dog, such as eye cleaning thimbles, very useful for keeping the area around the eye clean, ear thimbles to keep their ears clean, and tooth cleaning thimbles to keep their mouth clean. We also have nail clippers, knot cutters and deshedders, very useful for grooming our furry-one regularly at home.

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At Mascoboutique we know how important it is to maintain our dog's hygiene, and how it can affect their long-term health. Brands such as Artero make this task easier, since these products help to avoid the accumulation of dirt on our dogs, which can cause diseases and uncomfortable and painful skin injuries. All of these products have been tested in our dog grooming service, and we can attest to their very high quality. Buy them at our online store and you will receive them in 24-72h.

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