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Dog conditioners are an essential grooming product for long-coated dogs. It is very good for dog breeds such as the Poodle, Husky, Yorkshire Terrier, Schnauzer, Long-haired Dachshund, Golden retriever, Border collie, Australian Cobberdog, Water Dogs, Cavalier, Pomeranian, Maltese, West Highland Terrier, Samoyed, Burnese Mountain Dog, Cocker Spaniel, and Shih Tzu to hydrate their coat and skin, so that they are much easier to brush after their bath. At Mascoboutique you can find all kinds of conditioners, suitable for all coat types. We stock the best brands, including Nogga, and all our conditioners are used and approved by our washing and dog grooming services. Visit our online shop and your purchases will be shipped within 24-72h.
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