Protected Soft Spike Card

Reference: 37706 Brand: Artero
Dog card from the artero brand. Ideal for smoothing, untangling and unwinding your dog's hair. Medium and stainless pick, with silicone balls.
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Card for dogs and cats of the Artero brand. This brush with a medium and stainless tine is ideal for smoothing, untangling, shedding and removing foreign bodies from the coat. Each spike is finished with a silicone ball which will allow you to comfortably brush your pet since if you apply too much pressure, it will not damage your dog's skin. This card is therefore ideal for pets with sensitive skin or if you are just starting out in the brushing technique. Remember that a good brushing consists of brushing the hair from the root but without touching the skin to avoid irritation. This card is ideal for long-coated dogs: Maltese bichons, Yorkshire terriers, shih tzu, golden retrievers, etc. For short-haired dogs, it is better to use a rubber mitten. Measurements: 17 x 11 cm
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