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At Mascoboutique we have the best wipes for dogs on the market, from the Camon brand. We have wet wipes so you can clean your dog and maintain healthy and correct hygiene. On our website you will find talc, tea tree, muschio bianco, and chlorhexidine wipes, with disinfectant power. Mascoboutique is the Spanish company which sets the standard in high quality products for dogs. Order your wipes in our online store and you will receive them in 24-72 hours in the peninsula, with FREE shipping from € 60.

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Dog wet wipes. In addition to smelling very good, they are very useful for cleaning your dog at specific times.

Dog wipes are used to clean the areas of our dog that get dirty while walking. We can use them to clean their pads, their paws, or their ears. It is good to avoid contact with the eyes and mouth, as the sensation this can cause is not pleasant, although they are not toxic. Chlorhexidine wipes are ideal for killing bacteria and infectious agents; the muschio bianco and talc wipes will nourish your pet's fur and skin, while the tea tree wipes will provide a very fresh fragrance and are especially suitable for combatting odours. Wipes are an essential element for the daily cleaning and maintenance of your dog.

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