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At Mascoboutique we bring the best stuffed animals for dogs . We've rounded up the best dog toys, including heavy-duty stuffed animals, with reinforced seams, making them super hard to break . and ensures hours of fun. We have the best brands , including Martin Sellier and KONG , so you can find the best toys to entertain your puppy. Our stuffed animals are very original , with shapes of other animals such as the cow, the monkey or the crocodile. Your puppy will have a great time while strengthening his jaw. We have them in different sizes , in case you are looking for toys for large dogs or if you need stuffed animals for puppies. We also have stuffed animals with very soft sounds, which will delight you without being annoying. Visit our online store and we will send you your toys in 24-72 hours.

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dog plush toys

Dog stuffed animals are their favorite toys. At Mascoboutique we have the best stuffed animals for dogs, in the shape of different animals so that your dog can be entertained. We have stuffed animals with a horn, and also stuffed animals with a rope to increase their resistance and that our puppy does not break easily. These materials, in addition, improve the muscles of the jaw of our dog, and have different textures so that the dog develops sensitivity in the mouth. We have the best brands, such as Ferribiella , KONG or Martin Sellier .

puppy toys

His first toy will be a memory for him and for you. Many dogs fondly keep the first toy they used. For this reason, we have perfect stuffed animals for puppies due to their softness but also their resistance to the uncontrolled play of the first months.

Why buy dolls for dogs at Mascoboutique

In our online store you can find a wide variety of stuffed animals for dogs. We combed the market to find the most fun, original and resistant stuffed animals, so you can find the one that your puppy likes the most, and spend hours entertaining. We are specialized in products for dogs, and we ship to the entire peninsula and the Balearic Islands in 24-72 hours. Also, if your order is over €60, we will give you the shipping costs.

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