Hygiene products for dogs

At Mascoboutique you will find the most suitable products for caring for the hygiene and health of your dog. Like people, dogs need to be clean and well-groomed, in all the different areas of their body, beyond the baths we give them regularly. For bathtime, you will find shampoos of all types in our store, which strengthen your dog's skin and coat. You will also find products for their dental hygiene, such as toothpaste, thimble brushes, and toys suitable for cleaning their teeth. In addition, if you are looking for talc or chlorhexidine wipes, you can also find them at our store too. For their facial hygiene we have the tear comb, ideal for removing accumulated dirt and sleep dust from the eye area. You can find moisturizing oil for their nose from the brand Dug and Bitch, which also supplies balm for the pads of their paws. For their coat, you can visit our combs and slicker brushes section. And if your dog is in heat, we also have diapers so that she can pass these time in the most comfortable way possible. Also, if you want your doggy to smell great, we offer you the best fragrances for dogs with our Ferribiella colognes.
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