headermascoboutique.jpgWHAT SIZE IS MY DOG?
The key: Measure it well!

The most common doubt that our customers have when choosing a garment, a collar or a harness is what is the size of their dog.

At Mascoboutique we work with many brands and it is normal for some to carve differently than others. For this reason, in each article with sizes, you will find a SIZE CHART in which we will indicate the exact measurements of each size of that specific article. Thus, knowing the measurements of your dog, you will be able to hit without problems with its size.

To measure your dog, it is best to use a sewing meter (not a rigid ruler). However, if you don't have a sewing meter, you can use a thread and then measure it with a ruler. Another important tip is to take the measurements a couple of times to make sure you are taking the correct measurements. We already know that some puppies do not stand still!

That said, the most important measurements you'll need to take are back length, chest girth, and neck girth. Depending on which product you want to buy, the reference measurement will be one or the other, but it is usually important to have all three measurements to get the size right.


Next, we explain the reference measurements for each type of product:

If you want to buy some CLOTHING:

It can be a coat, a sweater, a sweatshirt or a raincoat and the reference measurement is the length of the back (A). To do this, you must measure from the base of the neck -where the Collar would go approximately- to the beginning of the tail. Make sure your dog is standing up straight and that you don't include his neck in the measurement.

It is a very common fault!


If you want to buy her a NECKLACE:

The important thing is to know the measurement of the contour of the neck (B). Once you know that measurement, expect the Collar to be a bit loose, so add about 2-3 cm and that will be the reference you will have to consider when choosing the Collar size.


If what you want is to buy a HARNESS:.

You will need to measure his chest girth (C). In this case we refer to the chest measurement, so you will have to pass the meter of seam behind the front legs, surrounding the entire contour. Again, the harness needs to be a little loose for your dog to breathe normally, so add as much as you get about 3-4 cm.

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