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If you are looking for a cologne for dogs, Mascoboutique is the store for you. Colognes are a lovely gift for anyone, and just like people, dogs love them too. At Mascoboutique we know this, and that is why we stock the best fragrances for your pet. We have the best perfume for your dog, with natural fragrances that eliminate the doggy smell and give your pet the best aroma, so that hugging and stroking him is even more pleasant. Our colognes are specific for dogs, since they respect the pH of their skin, keeping it healthy at all times, and promoting their hygiene and health, favoring the well-being of your pet at all times. Visit our online store and we will send you your cologne in 24-72h

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Things to consider when buying dog cologne Ferribiella's colognes for dogs are characterised by having natural fragrances and a wide range of perfumes. From floral and fruity fragrances like the Lino cologne, to citrus tones like the Velluto cologne. The Tulle cologne gives off tones of oriental fragrances, while the Seta contains fragrances of spices and vanilla scents. These colognes contain concentrated perfume, so just by spraying your dog a couple of times, they will retain the scent for approximately 48 hours, cancelling out the natural body odor of your dog. How to apply cologne to your dog To apply cologne to your dog, you only need to spray a couple of times, using the pump incorporated in to the cologne's bottle, on to your dog's back. Thus, their coat will be impregnated by the smell of the cologne, which will last for approximately 48 hours. It is important not to spray near the face and eyes, and to ensure that the cologne is applied only to the dog's skin and coat.

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