Slicker brushes and combs for dogs

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At Mascoboutique you will find the best brushes for short and long-haired dogs. Brushing our dog's hair is a very important part of grooming, doing so well, often, and with good quality combs and slickers will noticeably improve our dog's health in the long term. For this reason, at Mascoboutique we have the best slickers for dogs, so you can de-tangle your dog's hair and prevent those knots from forming, which can pull at their skin and irritate them so much. We also have gloves for combing your dog, as well as mittens and other products to care for your dog's coat. We stock the best brands, such as Artero, and test our products in our grooming salons, and can attest that they are of very high quality. Many breeds of dog need brushing regularly, such as the Poodle, the Yorkshire Terrier, the Cocker Spaniel, the Schnauzer and the Maltese. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about which is the best tool for taking care of the health of your dog's hair.

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From €10.90 (VAT incl.)
Mitten to remove dead hair from your dog. It is made of rubber, with a rear band to accommodate it to the hand.
From €29.90 (VAT incl.)
Special trimmer for wire-haired breeds. Removes dead hair, with a stainless blade.
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