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At Mascoboutique you will find the best dog beds (both for large dogs and for small dogs) We bring beds made of the best materials , which will provide your dog with a perfect rest both in summer and in winter. We have beds from the best international brands, selected and tested by our pets, so that your dogs are comfortable and warm. If you prefer a mat , you can also find it at Mascoboutique. The bed is a fundamental element for your health , and having a good one improves your health in a remarkable way, avoiding joint problems and giving you more energy. Therefore, we strive to ensure that you have the best at your disposal. In addition, our beds and mattresses have an elegant style , so you can place them anywhere in the house without losing your style. In our store you can find rectangular and round beds , adapting to your taste and the preferences of your puppy. Similarly, if you are looking for a cave bed or igloo , we can also help you in our stores. Ours are dog beds with removable covers that can be completely washed , so they will last for many years thanks to the quality of their materials. Find the best dog bed that suits you.

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small dog bed

We have the best beds for small dogs . The best dog beds usually have a very soft mattress that supports its weight well , and allows our dog to curl up or stretch as he prefers and is not in contact with the ground. Our Yolanda bed is ideal for small dogs, and can be uncovered and put directly into the washing machine . Size XS is perfect for small dogs like Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Maltese Bichons or Poodles . We have international brands such as the German Hunter , the Italian Ante Prima, or the British Sophie Allport or Earthbound . We have winter beds for dogs , which are lined with fur or sheepskin , and summer beds, with refreshing gel inside. In addition, we also have anti- stress beds for dogs , with a completely furry exterior, for dogs that need to calm down and calm that desire to play at all hours.

large dog beds

Big dogs are very special when it comes to sleeping. Due to its large size, it is sometimes difficult to find a bed that we like and matches the decoration of our house . That's why we make an effort to find the best beds for large dogs . If you need a bed for your furry friend, without a doubt you have to see our Suede Prima beds in sizes M, L and XL, with measures between 90 and 120cm long, they are ideal for large dogs such as a Golden or a Labrador , so that They can stretch out in bed at ease, without getting out. You can find them in different colors so you can find the one that best matches your home

What are the best dog beds?

It is a difficult question to answer. In the end, the best dog bed must have two conditions : that the mattress is soft and that the covers are made of quality materials . At Mascoboutique we make a selection of brands that ensure quality in the sleep of dogs . A clear example is the Ante Prima beds, high-quality Italian beds, with removable covers so you can wash them comfortably. Another example of a different style, but also of great quality, are the beds of Sophie Allport , a British brand. Their dog beds are cute and fun, decorated with puppies of different breeds.

In addition, there are those who prefer mats for dogs , because it is more comfortable for their dog or it fits more with the style of their house. For them, we also have the mats section. The difference with large dog beds is that they do not have edges, so the dog usually has even more room to stretch out.

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