Harnesses for dogs

At Mascoboutique we have the best harnesses for dogs. Harnesses are essential for our, and our dog's, comfort when walking, something we do every day. For this reason, and because it is in our nature to be at the cutting edge of fashion in dog products, we stock the best selection of dog harnesses available. We specialise in leather harnesses: a high-quality, exclusive product, especially well suited to long-haired dogs, to keep their coat healthy and prevent knot formation. We also stock specific accessories like harnesses approved for travelling by car with your dog. Our harnesses can be adapted to your dog's way of walking, they are flexible and comfortable, as all harnesses should be to avoid canine illnesses such as hip dysplasia and arthrosis. They are the perfect accessory for dogs who pull a lot, and in the long term prevent our dogs from injuring their necks or tracheas.
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