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Care that you cannot forget on vacation

Posted on2022-07-07

summer is theperfect time to disconnect. From routine, stress or life in general. Thus, chances are that you will also forget some of the daily habits that help you organize your life.

Disconnecting is essential, of course, but in the case of caring for your dog, some mistakes can causethe return to the routine is a real disaster.How many times have you returned from vacation afraid to take your dog to the dog groomer because you know they are going to throw their hands in their heads? Every September we have some "drama" in our hairdressers and we are convinced that it is due to lack of information.

For this reason, at Mascoboutique we have got down to work and in this post you will find theessential hair care tipsof your dog when you are on vacation and cannot take it to your trusted dog groomer.

Some basic tips

Depending on the type of dog and its hair, your dog will need specific care. but there are sometips basics– something like an essential guide –when it comes to taking care of your cloak(as the hair is called), which applies to all dogs and that you can take into account both on vacation and in your day to day.

Brushed: a mandatory requirement

Please please please:don't take a vacation from brushing your dog. Thehair type will determine the frequency(daily or three times a week). You can take this "obligation" as one more way to strengthen your bond. Accompany the moment with affectionate words and end it with an extra pampering session.

Depending on the type of vacation you choose, you will have to pay attention to different things -which we will explain later-, but it will always beit is important that you spend some time on this taskat the end of the adventure day.

Tip: In most cases, a good brushing is more important than a bath. And as everything in life has a technique, we recommend that you readthis postwith tips and tools necessary to brush your dog ten.

If your dog has long hair, brushing is especially important and perhaps more complex. Because of that there areproductson the market forhelp you with brushing and avoid the dreaded pulling, which is what makes your dog hate that moment. We recommend that you try theDematting Sprayof Hydra. Very easy to use and also adds shine and hydration to the coat.

Bathe your dog more than once

Don't be afraid to bathe your dog more than once. Especially during the time that your vacation lasts.

Excuse me if we are heavy, but we will not get tired of repeating the following: no,It is not bad to bathe your dog as many times as necessary, because hygiene is not at odds with the good health of your skin. Of course, it is important to use a specific shampoo for dogs.

The beach, walks in the countryside or the romp of your dog in the wet grass makeSummer is one of the "dirtiest" seasons.So don't hold back if you think your dog needs a good wash.

Remember that it is alsobest time to wet himdue to high temperatures and thus avoid heat stroke. Although WOW! do not think that, because it is summer, it is not necessarydry it completely in most cases.

If you are going to be in full sun for a while, it is okay for the dog to get wet since it will most likely dry quickly. But if, after wetting it, it is going to lie down in the shade or it is already night, remember to dry it well. Thus, you will avoidnew tanglesin the hair andskin damagedue to excess moisture.

Tip: dry your dog first with a towel, avoiding rubbing like crazy and always in favor of the hair (otherwise you will entangle the hair more). Then, dry with the dryer with warm air (that does not burn your hand), at minimum power and without getting too close to the skin.

What is true is thatshampoos dehydrate, so it's okay if you bathe your dog more than usual, but you'll need a goodconditionereitherface maskto hydrate. This way you will helpsmooth the coatAlreadycontribute brightness,at the same time that you take care of the hydration of the skin avoiding dryness or eruptions. From Mascoboutique we recommend theMoisturizing Conditioner, with oat extract.

We know that it can be tempting to skip these “obligations” one day, but wouldn't you go a day without untangling your hair after a shower? Theythey needthe samedaily care,regardless of the time of yearor the place where you are.

Beach or mountain?

Maybe you had not thought about it, but depending on the destination of your vacation, basic care will focus on different objectives. if you go to themountain,brushit will be youmustand if you're going to end up in thebeach… don't forget aboutclarifygood to your dog

In wild nature

If your destination this vacation is thecountrysideand long walks await you, visits to spectacular natural landscapes and lots of picnics enjoying the surroundings... keep in mind that it is very possible that a "little friend" sneaks up on you.

Our recommendation: when you arrive from the walk, take athorough brushingwithtwo goals. First,check that there are no parasiteseithernailed spike. Second,unravel and remove as far as possible the dust from the field.

It is also very important that, once you are clear about the destination you are going to go to, consult your veterinarian about theantiparasitic and/or medication most suitable for your dog in that specific place. We know that it seems strange, but it is not the same to travel to Cádiz than to Asturias in this sense, since the bugs are not the same in each area, nor do they transmit the same diseases.

Therefore, our recommendation is that, a few weeks before going on vacation, make an appointment with your trusted veterinarian, tell him where you are going and follow his recommendations to the letter. We don't want your dog to come back from vacation with leishmaniasis or heartworm disease!

At the sea's shore

If your vacation is going to be on the beach and you are sure that your dog is also going to enjoy some good dips in the sea, keep in mind that thesand and salt tangle and dehydrate the hairandirritate the skin.So after a day of swimming, it is best to get rid of them.

You must repeat the same thing that you do for yourself when you get out of the water. A little shower to remove the salt that stings the body and the sand that remains on the feet, and a good brushing of the hair (carefully, because if you pull too hard you pull out more than one).

With your dog,the most importantin this caseis the rinse. Make sure you clean your hair well with plenty of water to remove all salt, sand and algae. Do not worry if you do not have shampoo or do not have the right place, surely you will be able to do it later. The important thing now isremove the saltto prevent further tangling and skin irritation.

Afterwards, you have tobrush carefully. Especially if you have long hair, where you will need to untangle the knots caused by the salt. Later we will refresh you what tools you can use according to the breed of your dog.

Specific care according to hair type

Themantlecan be fromthree types. We have already dealt with it on other occasions, but we are going to give you a brief summary of the specific needs of each one in terms of brushing:

  • Long-haired (poodle, Yorkshire terrier, Maltese bichon...): need focused brushingunravel. Ideally, spend a little time brushing every day.

Tools to use:card(taking care that the bristles do not rub against the skin) orbrush(if you have very long hair) andhair combto untangle the most persistent knots (hold the knot well to pull it as little as possible and go very little by little from the end of the knot to the root).

  • Double-layered hair (Pomeranian, German Shepherd, Husky…): you should focus onremove undercoat. What's that? a kind of wool that is under the main hair and that prevents the air from circulating regularly. They have that undercoat in abundance to keep warm during the winter and that is why it is important to remove it as much as possible in summer. We recommend that you brush your dog three times a week.

Tools to use: the same as for long hair.card and comb,although often thestar toolfor these furs it isthe butter brush.

  • Short hair (chihuahua, bulldog, pug, beagle...):get rid of dead hairis the objective of brushing in this type of dog. We refer to those happy little hairs that you will have all over the house and “sewn” to your clothes. They need less daily dedication, but you must do it constantly when it is time to move.

Tools to use:brushes or glovesspikedsilicone,that they drag those dead hairs well.

TIP: Remember to brush in favor of the hair, since dogs have little muscles in each follicle that makes it very uncomfortable for them to be brushed against the grain. This is especially important in short-haired dogs because they are more sensitive in that regard and it bothers them more.

say no to shaved

oh! One more warning that we never get tired of repeating, but it is a recurring idea that comes back every summer...NEVER RAPES YOUR DOG!

We know that it can be tempting… and, applying human logic, it makes all the sense in the world. It is very hot and you feel that your dog must be charred with so much hair. Just as we go lighter in clothes, we will have to remove that hair from the dog, right? However, we assure you that it is the worst thing you can do to it and we invite you to think about your hair in a different way.

The hair, without a doubt, is its coat during the winter, but during the summer it acquires a different function -and here is the key that will make you see that hair in a different way-. In summer, the hair makes asunshade function: helps youprotect yourself from the sun's rays(no longer burn) alreadyregulate your temperatureinsulating it from the heat.

That is why our advice when they tell us"Rapalo or leave it very short, the poor thing is hot..."is the following:keep the coat well brushed, unknotted and without dead hair, so that the air circulates through your hair easily and refreshes your skin. That's how you'll really be helping him get through the summer in the best possible way.

Of course, if you are going to take a long time to return to the hairdresser,you can consult with your hairdresserif you consider it appropriatecut a little more than usualin his last session before the holidays. Obviously without getting to shave. This will ensure that it does not get too wild after the summer.


As we say, if you don't dare, it is not completely necessary to bathe your dog in summer. In addition, there are dry shampoos like this or cleaning wipes like these, which will save you from trouble at any given time.

But if you dare, here are some tips to achieve absolute success when bathing your dog:

  • Brush very well before wettingthe mantle. If you don't, any knot can become even more tangled.
  • wet him withwarm water,leaving his head for last place.
  • Avoid filling the bathtuband put him inside. Better that the water runs to remove the dirt well and to be able to rinse well at the end.
  • Start by throwing theneck to tail shampooin a soft massage, without leaving you nooks and crannies.Do not wave your hand in various directions, only in one (again to avoid tangling the hair).
  • Once the body is clean, start shampooing the head.
  • special loaneye and ear care. Better not to get water or soap and, if it happens, rinse slowly with plenty of water.
  • remove the product(shampoo and conditioner)fully and conscientiouslybefore finishing the bath.

Bathing your dog will be a little better with the range of shampoosLuxury CareofHydra. We love this brand for its finishes and quality. Arebenchmarks in the canine cosmetics market. In fact, it is the same brand that we use in our hairdressing salon and that have us -and our clients- in love.

But the Luxury Care range has aimportant advantage over other brands of canine cosmetics:the products are already comingdiluted in water in the exact proportion, so that you don't have to go around diluting anything and you can apply it directly from the bottle to your dog.

As for shampoos, Luxury Care has three different types:moisturizing(for all types of fur),whitening(for white hair) and forPuppies and sensitive skin. We assure you thatthe smell will lingerdays, whatit will take less time to dryyour dog thanks to these products and that you will see your dog with aamazing hair.

For a complete spa session, feel free to use theperfumesof the same brand, with long-lasting essential oils with fruity and/or floral notes that will leave your furry gleaming. It will be impossible for you not to eat it with kisses with that aroma.

After these tips, we are sure that you are ready to spend an unforgettable vacation and a somewhat less traumatic return to routine. For our part, we will be delighted to see you again when you return from your holidays and we hope that the furry ones (especially those with long hair) will arrive impeccable!

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