Pinkaholic – Original clothing and accessories for dogs

Pinkaholic is a brand of clothing for dogs, with a great range of very high quality, original products. At Mascoboutique you will find vest harnesses with the most original patterns. You will also always find a matching lead, so that your dog can be coordinated. For the spring and summer seasons, we also stock their t-shirts and sweatshirts in bright colours, so that your dog can be dressed in a fun style. They also make diapres to maintain your bitch's hygiene whilst in heat.


cherie t-shirt
Limited time offer
From €19.99 (VAT incl.) €34.00
White t-shirt with sleeves for an elegant and flirty dog. It is very useful when it cools down or to be protected from the sun on your walks, your dog will be handsome and warm!

Pinkaholic is a Korean brand which manufactures clothing and accessories with a very original style, for dogs. Among their products you can find belts, collars, and vest harnesses, as well as T-shirts or dog diapers. They manufacture their products from very good quality materials. They are a small company which takes care over all the details of their products, prioritizing the quality and comfort of your doggy above all else.

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