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Brott Barcelona – Collars and harnesses with timeless patterns

Brott Barcelona collars, harnesses and leashes are already a Mascoboutique classic. This brand, created in Barcelona, is characterised by professional-quality products, by original, as well as fun, and traditional patterns and colours, without compromising the comfort of the doggy or their owner. The Tremp and Maians textured collars and leads are an example of this. All products are handcrafted, so maximum care is taken over even the smallest details, thus achieving a reliable product of the highest quality.

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Brott collars, leads, and harnesses are prime examples of what we aim to provide at Mascoboutique. Quality, handmade products from a manufacturer who takes care when making their products, and pays attention to the smallest details. Added to this, they are manufactured in Spain. They are undoubtedly exclusive and unique products. Buy them at the online store and you will receive it in 24-72 hours, or you can also stop by our stores in Madrid to try on the models you need.

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