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Wild Balance Norwegian Salmon Oil is a 100% natural complementary food that provides numerous health benefits for your furry friend. Recommended for dogs and cats. You can give it to him daily, for example, adding it to his BARF ration or to any other type of food (wet or dry).

Wild Balance Norwegian Salmon Oil into your furry's diet will greatly improve their diet as it is a natural source of essential Omega 3 fatty acids.

Salmon Oil Benefits:

  • Maintains healthy skin and hair
    Take care of cardiovascular health
    · Strengthens the immune system
    · Keeps joints flexible, helps their development and acts as an anti-inflammatory.
    · In cases of allergy, it helps reduce itching and irritation.
    · Recommended for pregnancy and lactation as it stimulates proper brain development.

Daily dose:

The recommended dose of Norwegian salmon oil for your dog or cat will depend on their weight. In the event that you have a dog, you would have to add 2.5ml (2 dosages) for every 5Kg of weight. If you have a cat, 2.5ml (2 doses) for every 6Kg of weight.

If the animal has any disease, consult your veterinarian.

Conservation: Keep this bottle in a cool (10-25º) and dark place.

Composition: 100% raw and natural salmon oil: 14% omega 3 (EPA 4% and DHA 8%) and 11% Omega 6.

Nutritional Analysis : Crude protein 0%, Oils and fats 99%, Crude fiber 0%, Moisture 1%.

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