TERRA CANIS - Grain Free Can of Rabbit

Reference: 260101 Brand: Terra Canis
Terra Canis wet food, made from rabbit, courgette, apricot and borage.
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Terra Canis is high quality wet food for adult dogs. It is a German brand, which produces its food in Upper Bavaria. This can contains 100% natural food made from rabbit, zucchini, apricot and borage, of the same quality as human food. It is high in meat and gluten free. It is indicated for dogs of all breeds and sizes, and especially indicated for dogs with intolerance to foods made from grain. Developed by veterinarians
Terra Canis Grain Free menus have a high meat content (60-70%) complemented by a large amount of vegetables, fruits and herbs rich in fiber. Natural additives such as seaweed, eggshell flour, pollen and brewer's yeast provide plenty of natural vitamins and minerals. The easy-to-digest, cholesterol- and gluten-free coconut flour they contain is truly extraordinary, as it is considered the richest source of fiber, is good for your stomach and intestines, and contains a large amount of amino acids. Flaxseed oil, with its high content of omega-3 acids, is the icing on the cake for these Grain Free menus. They are suitable for all dogs whose owners want to give them a grain-free diet. They are especially suitable for dogs with grain intolerances, as well as dogs that need to be fed grain-free food for medical reasons.


- Rabbit muscle meat (46%)
- Turkey liver (16%)
- Carrot
- Pumpkin
- Zucchini (8%)
- Apricot (4%)
- Coconut flour
- Extras: flaxseed oil, pumpkin seed flour, brewer's yeast, eggshell powder, basil, borage (0.2%), seaweed (0.2%), rose hips, fennel seed, ground flax, mineral clay and salt from the Andes.

Analytical components:

Protein: 8.9%, fat content: 3.6%, crude fiber: 0.8%, crude ash: 1.3%, moisture: 83.1%. MJ/kg: 2.9.

Nutritional additives/kg:

Vit. D3 (E671): 350 IE copper (E4): 3 mg iodine (3b201): 0.8 mg zinc (3b603): 60 mg Vit. E(3a700): 50mg.

Recommended daily ration:

- Dogs up to 5 kg: 300 - 400 g.
- Dogs up to 10 kg: 500 - 600 g.
- Dogs up to 20 kg: 800 - 1000 g.
- Dogs up to 30 kg: 1100 - 1400 g.

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