TERRA CANIS - Kangaroo Hypo Can

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Terra Canis wet food, made with Kangaroo, parsnip, and seaweed
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Terra Canis is high quality wet food for adult dogs. It is a German brand, which produces its food in Upper Bavaria. This can contains 100% natural food made from kangaroo, parsnip, and seaweed, of the same quality as human food. It has a high meat content. It is indicated for dogs of all breeds and sizes, and especially indicated for dogs with intolerance to foods made from grain. Developed by veterinarians.
Terra Canis HYPO menus contain 60% heart and muscle meat, a rich source of protein, complemented by only one low allergen vegetable. The omega-3 acids in flaxseed oil are good for the intestinal tract, skin, and coat. They are indicated for dogs with allergies and sensitive digestions. This line has been developed in cooperation with Dr. Bucksch, a dermatologist and small animal veterinarian. In these menus, Terra Canis certifies that there is no DNA contamination, as can be seen in the study of the journal "Veterinarian Dermatology"


- Kangaroo muscle meat (60%)
- Parsnip (36%)
- Linseed oil
- rapeseed oil
- Seaweed.

Analytical components:

Protein: 10.9%, Fat Content: 2.2%, Crude Fiber: 0.6%, Crude Ash: 1.6%, Moisture: 80.3%. Ca=0.23%, P=0.13%. MJ/kg: 3.

Nutritional additives/kg:

Vit. A (3a672a): 3000 IE · Vit. D3 (E671): 375 IE · Vit. E (3a700): 28 mg · Vit. B1 (Thiamin mononitrate): 2.5 mg · Vit. B2 (Riboflavin): 5 mg Vit. B12 (Cyanocobalamin): 31ug Biotin (D Biotin) 4.4ug, Pantothenic Acid (Calcium D Pantothenat) 14g, Folic Acid (3a316) 0.08mg, Copper (E4) 3.75mg, Manganese (E5) 2.5mg, Iodine (3b201) 0.75mg, Zinc (3b603) 37.5mg, Selenium(Natriumselenat) 0.075mg, Calcium (E341) 2380mg, Phosphorus (E341) 250mg, Magnesium (Magnesiumcarbonat) 150mg , chloride (Natriumchlorid) 200 mg, sodium (Natriumchlorid) 130 mg.

Recommended daily ration:

- Dogs up to 5 kg: 150 - 200 g.
- Dogs up to 10 kg: 300 - 400 g.
- Dogs up to 20 kg: 600 - 800 g.
- Dogs up to 30 kg: 900 - 1200 g.

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