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Spray to calm your dog naturally.
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Calming spray for dogs from the Always Your Friend brand.

This spray is perfect to calm your dog if he has anxiety or stress problems. It helps calm them down and maintain a comfortable and safe frame of mind. You can use it on different occasions such as:

  • sleeping difficulties
  • separation anxiety
  • Situations of temporary stress (crowds, trips or nearby fireworks)

Formulated with essential oils including lavender, famous for its calming olfactory properties. Its composition, with a neutral PH, is respectful and not harmful to your dog.

How to use

  • Apply in bed: spray from a distance of 30 cm on the surface where you sleep to help you fall asleep or calm you when you are not.
  • Application on your puppy: raise his head and spray a couple of sprays on the chest, between the front legs. Use it when you go on a trip, if you have to use public transport or go to the vet.

Always Your Friend products are handmade with natural ingredients with your dog's health and well-being in mind. They do not use parabens, sodium sulfate, thickeners, dyes or other potentially dangerous products for furry ones. That is why they are a perfect cosmetic alternative for healthy and happy dogs.

Quantity : 100ml

Composition : Water, glycerin, panthenol, emulsifiers, ylang oil, lavender essential oil, mild preservative system, EDTA, vitamin E.

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